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V-shape Anti-reflection Coating


The V1 narrowband anti-reflection coating provides a minimum reflectivity R equal to or less than 0.25% at the specified wavelength at normal incidence. Non-normal incidence exhibits fairly strong polarization dependence, as shown in Figure 1. It is fabricated using hard electron beam deposited dielectric materials, and so has excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture, and laboratory solvents. It can be deployed on BK-7, fused silica, and other standard optical glasses. The typical damage threshold is 2 kW/cm2 CW and 5 J/cm2 with 10 nS pulses, measured at 532nm. The V2 narrowband antireflection coating is V-coat designed to handle high powers in the UV spectrum. It can be deployed on BK-7 or fused silica, depending on the wavelength.


- Minimum reflectivity: ≤ 0.25%

- Wavelength Range: 248 - 1024nm

- Adhesion: meets MIL-C-675C

- Electron beam evaporated durable multilayer dielectric


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