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Spectral Products: Optics Division

The new standard in optical coatings and coated optical components.


The staffs at Spectral Products' Optics division have decades of experience in the optics and coatings industries, and understands what it takes to meet almost any requirement. Our methods, training and metrology systems are all aimed at ensuring the best performance of our parts in your application.


Along with the full complement of standard parts and processes, Spectral Products' Optics Division will steadily introduce next-generation products with unique features to enable a host of new end-user applications. Watch for our announcements as we bring these exciting ideas to your market.

Optics Division's


  • Variable Beamsplitter/Attenuator

    Offered with our Anti-Reflection (AR) coatings, the % Transmission can be controlled up to > 99% T over a specific wavelength range.

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  • F-Theta Lens

    F-Theta lenses are often used in laser scan applications. In laser scanning systems, laser beams move linearly by galvanometers or scan mirror systems.

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  • Polarizing Beamsplitter

    Cube beamsplitters consist of two right angle prisms with special dielectric coating on the interface.

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  • Waveplates

    We provide zero-order waveplates at prices comparable to ordinary multiple order waveplates.

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  • Main Branch Location

    Main Branch Location

    Our main office is located in Putnam, CT.

  • Optical Coatings

    Optical Coatings

    The Optics division of Spectral Products can supply the full range of coatings expected for optics in the UV, visible, and near infrared.

  • Resources


    You can find our technical data regarding coating here.

  • International Representatives

    International Representatives

    Our international representatives are in Europe and Japan.