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QUALITY - The staffs at Spectral Products' Optics division have decades of experience in the optics and coatings industries, and understands what it takes to meet almost any requirement. Our methods, training and metrology systems are all aimed at ensuring the best performance of our parts in your application.

DELIVERY - Our systems are designed to meet your demand with the shortest possible delay, whether for a single off-the-shelf item or a custom coating run. Every job gets individual attention, because every customer is important.

INNOVATION - Along with the full complement of standard parts and processes, Spectral Optics will steadily introduce next-generation products with unique features to enable a host of new end-user applications. Watch for our announcements as we bring these exciting ideas to your market.

VALUE - Cost is always a factor in real-world applications, and we strive to offer the best combination of price and performance in the industry. Call us and find out how we can help you achieve your next production success.



Variable Beam Splitter/Attenuator


 Polarizing Cube Beam Splitter with Molecular Fusion



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