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Super Thin Plate Beam Splitters

Super Thin Plate Beamsplitters

1. Super Thin Plate

- Substrate Material: BK-7

- Substrate Thickness: 0.15mm

- Beam Displacement: 50μm

- Diameter: 1.00"

- Surface: λ/10 per mm @ 633nm before coating

- Transmitted wavefront error: > λ/4 per mm @ 633nm

2. O-ring mount:

- Material: BK-7 / Pyrex

- Outside Diameter: 1.0" (25.4mm)

- Inside Diameter: 0.7" (17.8mm)

- Thickness: 0.25" (6.35mm)

3. Coating

- e-beam Multilayer dielectric

- 2nd surface: Anti-reflection coating

- Angle of incidence: 45˚, other angles available

- Damage Threshold: 10 J/cm2, 20ns, 20Hz; 1 MW/cm2, CW @ 1064nm


In some applications cube beamsplitters are not appropriate, and instead plate-type splitters are employed. For the highest levels of wavefront fidelity and power handling, conventional coated BK7 or fused silica plates are excellent choices. However, the plate's thickness inherently causes lateral deviation of the primary beam from its original path. To avoid this, Spectral Optics has introduced the SuperThin™ splitter, which uses an extremely thin BK7 glass face sheet bonded to a precision frame to maintain adequate reflected and transmitted wavefront quality. Any coating that can be applied to a standard plate splitter can be used with SuperThin™, and its power handling capability approaches that of a conventional plate splitter. SuperThin™ components are also very cost competitive, making them a first choice in any compatible application.

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STPBS λ (nm) R (%) AOI & POL Price

400, 532, 633, 800,

1064, 1550, etc

30 (±5), 50 (±5), 70 (±5)

45S, 45P, 45U $165


Example: STPBS-532-50-45U

Super Thin Plate Beamsplitter + 532nm + 50% (± 5%) R + 45° Unpolarization



1. Any other wavelength and R/T ratio can be supplied on request.

2. Other angle of incidence is also available.

3. There could be some "minimum order quantity" in case of custom specification. Please check it with us.

4. For any custom requirement, please describe it to us when you contact us.