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Narrowband Reflective

Narrowband Reflective (Mirror) Coating


The narrowband high reflectance coating is a wavelength specific mirror coating intended for laser applications. Damage threshold is high, typically 20 J/cm2 for 20nS pulses or 10 MW/cm2 CW at 1064nm. It is fabricated using hard electron beam deposited dielectric materials, and so has excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture, and laboratory solvents. It can be deployed on a large variety of substrates. It can be deployed on a large variety of substrates, including BK-7 or fused silica, depending on the wavelength. For wavelengths shorter than 248nm, consult mirror coating EX.


- Reflectivity: ≥ 99% at design wavelength

- Wavelength Range: UV - NIR

- Adhesion: meets MIL-C-675C

- Electron beam evaporated durable multilayer dielectric


Please contact us if you have any questions pertaining to this type of coating.