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Special Components

Special Components


In addition to the broad range of commonly used optical parts, Spectral Products excels at meeting unusual fabrication challenges. The staff at the Optics division of Spectral Products has decades of experience building unique components and sub-assemblies for scientific 

and OEM customers. AT right is a 100mm diameter x 25mm thick quartz optic, with a 6mm hole bored through the optic at 60° from the surface normal. The resultant surface figure was still better than the tenth wave. Cylindrical prisms, compound sub-assemblies, scraper mirrors, and many other challenges have been met by Spectral Products staff. Contact us and see what insights we can bring to your application. 


Example: A 300mm diameter 1000mm focal length lens fabricated from fused silica. It is AR coated to handle 1 kW/cm2 from 960 to 1100 nm.


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