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F-Theta Lens

F-Theta Lens


  • - Designed for 355nm, 515-545nm, and 1030-1090nm
  • - For various laser scan applications
  • - Various focal lengths, 110, 135, 160, 254, 330, and 420mm
  • - Wide scan filed ranges, from 40mm X 40mm to 300mm X 300mm
  • - M55 X 1.0, M85 X 1.0, and M102 X 1.0 threaded versions are available
  • - High power AR coatings on all optical elements
    •      7.5J/cm2, 20nsec, 20Hz at 355nm
    •      10J/cm2, 20nsec, 20Hz at 532nm
    •      15J/cm2, 20nsec, 20Hz at 1064nm




F-Theta lenses are often used in laser scan applications. In laser scanning systems, laser beams move linearly (in one or two dimensions) by galvanometers or scan mirror systems. Traditional lenses make the profiles of the focused beams change as the beams move away from the optical axis and focused on somewhat curved surfaces (optical aberration such as field curvature). These changes in the focused beams on the target surfaces can cause errors in various manufacturing, such as engraving, marking, drilling, cutting, etc. F-Theta lenses can create a flat field on the image plane. The image heights created by the F-Theta lenses are linearly proportional to the focal length (F) and the scanning angle (Theta).

Spectral Products offers F-Theta lenses for three different wavelengths, 355nm, 515-545nm, and 1030-1090nm with various scan field ranges and various focal lengths. All the optical elements in SP's F-Theta lenses are with the high power laser AR coating. 


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