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Molecular Fusion

Molecular Fusion™


Molecular FusionTM is the Spectral Products Optics Division proprietary technique for permanently bonding optically contact surfaces. This highly flexible process produces components that are stable and physically robust, with no adhesives or other materials introduced at the coated surface. The result is the damage threshold of an optically contacted interface with the mechanical strength of a solid component. Thermal matching is maintained, allowing component use over a wide temperature range. Molecular FusionTM also permits the fabrication of novel structures, creating a new category of coated optical components.
Attempts at mechanical separation of Molecular FusionTM bonded parts result in fracture of the bulk material before failure of the bond.
The Molecular FusionTM technique has already been used by SP Optics Division in a large range of applications, and many more new and innovative uses are under development. The approach can be used on both uncoated and coated surfaces with no negative effects on their optical quality. It is even possible to bond rough ground parts using Molecular FusionTM.