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UV Reflective

UV Reflective Coating

The UV (EX short wavelength) high reflectance coating is designed for high fluence, short-wavelength UV applications, particularly for 193nm excimer lasers. It can be deployed on CaF2 or UV fused silica, depending upon the specific requirement. Typical damage threshold is 3 J/cm2, for 10nS pulses. The hybrid high reflectance coating is a high performance wavelength specific mirror coating with a secondary reflectance peak to accommodate an alignment or tracer laser beam. Tracer wavelengths of 633nm or 670nm are available for use with either HeNe or semiconductor diode alignment lasers. It is fabricated using hard electron beam deposited dielectric materials, and so has excellent resistance to abrasion, moisture, and laboratory solvents. It can be deployed on most optical glasses.


- EX Reflectivity: > 97% at design wavelength

- HBM Laser mirror performance at primary wavelength

- Reflectivity: > 80% at tracer wavelength

- Adhesion: meets MIL-C-675C

- Electron beam evaporated durable multilayer dielectric


Please contact us if you have any questions pertaining to this type of coating.