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Right Angle Prisms

Right Angle Prisms

- Material: UV fused silica, BK7
- Clear Aperture: Larger than 85%
- Surface Quality: (Scratch-Dig) 10-5 for UV fused silica, 20-10 for BK7
- Surface Flatness: λ/10 for UV fused silica, λ/8 for BK7 @633nm

- Angular Deviation: ±3 arcmin

Bevel: < 0.5mm @ 45˚ typical


Right angle prisms (RAP) are widely used for rotating images and redirecting the input light. They are the main components for polarizing and non-polarizing cube beamsplitters. The total internal reflection (TIR) in the right angle prisms with specific anti-reflection (AR) coatings on the two leg sides make themselves the perfect alternatives for 45degree mirrors. Please refer to our right angle prism mirrors for the details.

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Right Angle Prism

 Size (A)



Part Number

Price ($USD)

 0.5" (12.7mm)

 Fused Silica

 λ/10, 10-5




 < λ/8, < 20-10



1.0" (25.4mm)

 Fused Silica

 λ/10, 10-5




 < λ/8, < 20-10






1. Some other sizes may be available. Please contact us for other custom size right angle prisms.
2. SP Optics div. provides various coating services. Please contact us and check the availability of any coating if needed.